Brief moments in time we can share..

Hello to my few but faithful followers,

I write to you from L0ndon, UK.

I have a few months worth of reviews and musings to upload, I’ve just been eerily busy with my unfortunate responsibilities of being an adult and temporarily relocating to another hemisphere. I’ve got a new job, new house and every day is another panic attack fuelled fight to stay alive. Or stay warm at least (It snowed here today and it’s springtime?)…

I’m not going to say “watch this space”, because honestly, the internet is filled of spaces updated with content every few seconds, but I will start blogging again soon. I saw a few gigs in Feb and March before I left Melbourne, and I’ve seen a few since moving here.


I hope everyone is having a romantic autumn in Melbourne. It always seemed to feel quintessentially Melbourne as the leaves turned to brown and the days seemed to get slowly shorter and cosier..

It’s just cold here. No romance.

Who knows, maybe that too could change for old Tim?

Thank you for reading my friends and I will check back in soon.

Follow these bands and if you are in Oz please try and see them :



And this band has been on fucking repeat since I saw them before I left :


And my Dad got me into this band too :







Gig Review : Little Desert, The Tote Front Bar 23/01/2016


An outstanding afternoon slash evening of music transpired on Saturday for Wetfest II at The Tote…And everyone I saw was pretty good, so in an effort to keep my weary wrists from giving out on me (crippling my guitar and pleasure hand) I will review the band that forced my constant beer runs to cease, demanding both my full attention and energy; The standout band of the day, Little Desert.

Little Desert took to the front bar as the 3rd part of their 4 week Tote residency for January a little before 7pm, nestled confidently in the performance space and commenced their set, commanding attention with Run, the intense opening track from their recently released album Saeva

Frontwoman Esther Rivers voice is supercharged, powerful and soulful. It’s hard to make a comparison to other artists. She exhaustively gives it all. Her lyrics and words create both a romantic and devastating narration, and it pays off. There is a beautiful, emotional, raw timbre to her voice, reminiscent of rock icons such as Johnette Napolitano or Patti Smith, but as I previously mentioned, it’s best to not make comparisons with Little Desert, as their sound is risky yet tight, combining the haunting theatrics that drive the saga of Saeva, with a psychedelic-rock sound, electrifying and sobering all at once. The music makes no apologies for being serious, dark, artistic and personal.

At no point in the set did I feel that this band is just out to make friends – they’re playing to perform , and they put on a killer show doing it.

Tracks such as Captive and  Resurrection and She’s Alive garnered enthusiastic applause from both the crowd inside and the slowly growing crowd of pedestrians who crammed against the window outside, peering into the venue giving way to their curiosity as this shield of sound disrupted the traffic and the rowdy banter of Johnston St, reminding Collingwood that the Tote is still the broken home of edgy, exciting bands who have something to say.

If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne on Saturday (30/01/2016), check out Little Desert at the Tote for It Records 2nd Birthday bash. They’re playing with some It Records label-mates and friends. $12 on the door.



Bloodhounds On My Trail – Escape II – Record Review


Released November 2015, Escape II is the debut release from Melbourne 4-piece Bloodhounds On My Trail who recently signed to British indie label Raphalite Records.

With a rough meteoric influence of My Bloody Valentine, and a sensibility and consideration for soft synth melodies (reminiscent of Slowdive and Chameleons UK) Escape II takes listeners to a new space, a space that is walled and annexed by affected and overdriven guitar, slow dominant beats and sensitive vox that narrate Escape II’s solemn story, which peaked for this listener on the emotional and wide She’s In My Plans, the EP’s second last track.

Escape II is a melodic, moody record that is beautifully crafted, and upon deconstruction, is undeniably cool. Deconstructed further, in our brave remediated confusing alt-music world, growing more in love with the (sometime repetitious) constructed melancholia of shoegaze, as each summer fades… Bloodhounds On My Trail are clearing a space amongst the crowd to do something new.

Something unsafe.

Something wild.

Check out their single Jolly here :

And check out the record here, available for listening and digital download :


1 . Dreamless
2. Jolly
3. Old Fools
4. Silence, It’s Golden
5. She’s In My Plans
6. Jolly (Ummagma Remix)


Tim 🙂






Anti-Violet ‘Janus-Faced’ EP Review 

Melbourne 3 piece art-punk/core group Anti-Violet’s new EP Janus-Faced is their first release since 2012. 

Described as a concept record, unpacking a saga about an ‘ill man fighting for sanity, as his best friend and lover are dismissed as a projection of his mind’, Janus-Faced, is an epic music adventure melodically narrated by frontman Ashlin Johnson, whose vocals shift between hardcore and soulful, with a mature and individual message that carries this 8 track odyssey from the catchy opening track Under All These Lives through to the beautiful finale, guitar-driven Analogue Wolves, which was this listeners favourite track.

Janus-Faced is strong and personal and highly recommended.

  Check out Anti-Violet’s EP launch at the Bendigo in Collingwood Thursday night.

Halloween Rambles and Gig Review: 31/10/2015 The Workers Club – Crimsonettes – Sickly Sweet EP Launch

More people than usual were out costumed on Halloween this year.

As a kid, I was lead to believe that in Brisbane we didn’t celebrate Halloween because it was dangerous for kids to be out after dark talking to strangers.

As the only connection I really have with Halloween was observed on travels to the UK and the US, it still to me seems like just another excuse to eat more and dress weird.

I don’t believe you need a designated day for doing this. But despite my Grinchian Halloween disconnection, the experience of walking from Richmond to Collingwood on this warm October evening awakened me.

It felt almost hallucinogenic, being hissed at by characters that may or may not be vampires and pounced on by men who need the excuse of a horror-themed holiday to acceptably dress as a woman.

I had a full night of things to do in the course of the evening, one of which was checking out the Crimsonettes’ Sickly Sweet EP launch event at The Workers Club in Fitzroy, supported by Luna Ghost and VHS Dreams.

VHS Dreams appeared on the stage just after 9pm. This dreampop duet guided this listener through a delicately arranged shoegazing wave of emotion and sound that was tight and excited the crowd. Definitely a band we will see again.


Luna Ghost appeared at 10pm, masked and loud.

Light careful vox with strong guitar melodies drove their set to an exciting climax, creating a wall of sound that continued to please the crowd. Their EP is awesome too


At 11pm the Crimsonettes appeared on the stage. Their hour long set, in promotion of their new ep Sickly Sweet was moody, romantic and powerful. Frontwoman Ella Jackson’s voice is light, carefree and dreamy, harmonising perfectly with vocalist and guitarist Ziggy Henriss-Andersson as their guitar-driven post indie-shoegaze melodies took the crowd to a soft place, heaven like.

Awesome event.

It’s good to talk to strangers on Halloween.


(Apologies for late upload. Flu and work do not leave me motivated)

Top 4 This Week

I throw the net out into cyberspace once again.. looking for treasure..searching through a sea of underlined letters and numbers looking for something to silence the silence..

Top 4 Artists this week I found in my cyberquests (in no particular order):

1 ) the powerful and magical 5 piece Once Were Wild – check them out here

2 ) the raw talented Anti-Violethere

3) the hypnotic electrodreampop duo vhs dreamclick here

4) the beautiful shoegazing dreamweavers Crimsonettescheck them out here

vhs dream & Crimsonettes play the workers club this halloween 31/10/2015 eve

Anti-Violet play the bendigo hotel 26/11/2015 (in support of their new EP Janus-Faced out soon!)


I stand for freedom!

*This post was posted here as part of Assignment 2 Web206 Curtin University S3 2015*


“Be excellent to each other”  is one of my favourite film quotes. It symbolises my only religious belief. We all deserve freedom. We all deserve to wear our flag, whether it be my old NIN shirt (gross and destroyed but loved) or the rainbow flag, which stands for unity and equality.

In the year 2015, it seems absolutely pathetic that people continue to have to fight for our own personal freedoms and we here, at this blog, are firm supporters of a society that welcomes freedom of expression, choice and lifestyle.

I abhor when people use their professional authority to assert their personal beliefs. I find it deplorable and unethical.

I am obviously stupidly in love with music. Music gives me hope. Music has made me outcast. I struggled to find my tribe. People don’t understand why I sing to myself walking down the street. I get stares, glances, comments. Dancing by myself is my anthem.

Music is the cross I bare. It’s what I believe in, and it’s not hurting anyone else.

So this story infuriated me. Let’s break it down.

An older gay Port Melbourne couple recently hung a rainbow flag from their balcony publically. This flag is an important sign of public recognition of GLBTQIA visibility, inclusion and acceptance, and even in today’s modern times appears to still warrant discussion. For this couple, it represents more than just a rainbow, it symbolizes tolerance, acceptance and unity.

Despite owning this property, the Melbourne Inner City Management Property Owners Corporation served them with a letter telling them to take it down, branding it “advertising material”.

Mayor of Port Phillip Amanda Stevens has slammed the decision and has declared public support for the couple saying that “the rainbow flag is the international symbol which represents that community,”.

How dare someone tell my neighbours that their flag is nothing but advertising material? Are they trying to assert displaying something in support of gay rights is trying to sell something?

If what they are selling is the message that we live in a society that supports equal inclusion of all citizens, then this is the message I want my children sold.

If they are saying that advertising messages for peace and diversity is wrong, then what the hell does Port Melbourne stand for?

With 72% of Australians supporting gay marriage as of last year, why is visibility still stigmatised?

You have the right to dance to your own beat, and live according to your own

beliefs. It’s 2015.

We all have the right to raise our flags high.


or other.

Smug Alert!

There is no doubt that Melbourne is an important music hub. Victoria itself has 3 times more music venues than the rest of the country, and more live music venues than Austin, Texas (home of SXSW).

While not being the prettiest city to look at ie. The Yarra, St Kilda Beach (to name a few eyesores) and while these problems are not unlike other cities, what differentiates this city is the fact it still continues to do what it wants.

It is home to an aboveground underworld of random happenings and intense experiences.

In a testament to how passionate we feel about our nightlife, We fought against, protested and prevailed in face of the controversial niteclub lockout laws, which continue to make Sydney streets a scary place at night.

Melbourne can be a city of extreme personalities and experiences. Maybe we have become this way due our weather, which can be unpredictable, bipolar and extreme.

Our scenes can be extreme too. Loud. Unafraid.

Going out here can be such a treat. The things we see, hear; the spirit of rebellion, open, consuming.

One I have consumed, I write about these experiences here.

Specifically, I write about Melbourne’s alternative music scene and culture. I review bands, shows and discuss what I know is a vibrant response of an inspired populace.

Whether you are visiting from Warragul or Western Australia, seeing a gig here can be awe-inspiring. It can be an experience you take home with you in your heart.

Please don’t read me wrong. I’m not discounting the rest of the country here at all. Awesome live music is in no way completely endemic to Melbourne. Please don’t mistake my passion for bigotry. This country has spawned much talent and it continues to do so nation-wide.

Melbourne is just my focus and I like to see bands, preferably amateur, local and untarnished by feeling pressured to please a crowd for cash.

I go all over, and some of the more mainstream venues I frequent are : The Tote(Collingwood), The Espy (St Kilda), The Penny Black (Brunswick),  170Russell(City), The Evelyn (Fitzroy), Northcote Social Club (Northcote), The Railway Hotel (Brunswick) to name a few.

There are so many venues. And many more bands.

I have so few hours outside of my day job to experience, so when I do, I like to document this and share.

Let me take you with me, as I destroy my eardrums,

And find musical treasures.



*This post was posted here as part of Assignment 2 Web206 Curtin University S3 2015*